Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zomcon — A Zombie Hunter Party

This post includes ideas for a zombie themed party. I threw this for my husband's birthday and he was thrilled. Enjoy!

First, video invitations are the only way to go. Send them as if they are coming from the Zomcon Safe House. (Zomcon—A Better Life Through Containment)
Have someone dressed as a doctor ask that, “all available Zombie Hunters find and bring a Zombie to the Safe House for research.” Of course the doctor can be attacked at the end of the clip. 

Ideally out of each couple that is invited one would dress as a zombie and the other as the hunter, thus giving you instant teams for all the games. (In our case ALL the guys chose to be hunters of course. And in the end the Hunters won. The human race will live on.)

If you don't want to do a video invitation...do a sound recording. It will be just as effective. And believe me, your guests will get EXTREMELY excited about coming.


Board up the fireplace, doors, and windows using strips of cardboard with wood grain and nails drawn on them. Cut hands out of black poster board and tape them up to add the final touches. This is so cheap, you'll love it.
Complete the effect and turn off all the lights; use only candles and flashlights the whole evening.

Use various signs to dress up your walls.
A few games and ways to earn points include:
PIN THE BULLET or brain on the zombie—depending which team you are on.

LIE TO ME: Upon arrival each guest is given a piece of paper with a lie written on it. They are to insert it into conversation without getting caught. For example “I waited in a line party to watch Night of the Living Dead at the theater.” It is especially fun trying to trick your spouse. If no one catches you, your team gets a point!

RESEARCH QUESTIONS: Everyone gets a questionnaire about zombies, how to kill them etc. Points are added up at the end and assigned to each team.

FOOD TEST: After everyone has visited the dessert table, question them “which food did you eat first?" If a zombie had eaten human food, they lose a point etc.

There are so many treat ideas all over the internet. Here are just a few things that I chose to make.

Update: It has been over a year since I threw this party and our family and friends STILL bring it up from time to time and tell us what a fun party it was and when are we throwing the next one. So you really need to do a party like this, just do it!

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