Monday, November 12, 2012

Rapunzel Hair Tutorial

This Rapunzel Hair was a HIT with my niece last Christmas. I am told it is STILL a favorite around the house. You'll probably want a couple of days to work on it, but it's rather easy and well worth the effort. 
SUPPLIES: Two LARGE rolls of yarn • fabric scissors • three rolls of ribbon • three hair ties • hot glue and gun • toothpick • fabric glue • hydrangea blossom • two hair flowers.

Step One: Do not exercise today. Instead roll out three bunches of yarn strands—using up all of your yarn. My groups each had about 52+ strands in each. Length doesn't matter, you choose. Just remember it's about 1/3 shorter when it's braided. (Mine were about 3-ish yards.) Take breaks when needed! This counts as exercise—believe me, you'll feel it.

Step Two: Roll out a length of ribbon across each strand. 
Step Three: With some extra yarn, cut short lengths and loosely tie around the groups of yarn...about every  foot or so. This will keep things from tangling while you are braiding.
Step Four: gather the groups into one at the end and tie off with a hair tie. Begin braiding as tight as you can. Make sure the ribbons stays on top of the strands as you braid. Tip: It helps to "pinch" the end of the braid between your crossed legs.
Braiding tips: As you braid, comb through the immediate section with your fingers to keep the plates of the braid looking nice. You will be moving the long strands back and forth across your lap. Admittedly, this part does get take lots of breaks to sneak some cookie dough.

Okay, I will answer your question: those are "knee pads" (tape) on my knees. I taped them up to keep from wearing holes in my jeans as I crawled back and forth laying out the yarn.
Step Five: When you get close to the end, tie it off with another hair tie. Your ends should look something like this, with one long and one short.
Step Six: Using your hot glue, glue all around both hair ties. I mean it. Really get it good. Make sure some of it touches the yarn too. We don't want the kids to slide the hair tie off.
Step Seven: Measure your kiddo's head and make a loop that same size—measuring the INSIDE of the loop—and put the short end in the back. Tie this off and glue the bleep out of it again. You may also want to put glue where the braids overlap for extra support.
Step Eight: Tie a ribbon around it to hide the glue and make a bow. Insert the hair flowers to further hide the end of the braid. (The clips can be removed before washing.) And tie a ribbon around the bottom of the braid as well.
Step Nine: Using a little fabric glue and a toothpick, apply a line of glue along the clipped end of the ribbons. This will keep them from fraying.
Step Ten: Clip the little flowers off the hydrangea stem. Use hot glue along the stamen on the back and a few drops of the back of the petals. Push the flower into the braid. Place the flowers randomly along the braid, including the loop. No swearing when you burn yourself.

You're done! Step back and admire your work. I promise, this braid is going to be played with A LOT, your little one with LOVE it. (Update: it’s 2020, and there are now THREE kids in the house, the braid has survived and is still getting used!)

Care: Hand wash recommended...however, a front load wash on gentle would probably be ok. Use cold water. Air dry...DO NOT put in dryer.


  1. So adorable and so much fun!! I totally need to make this for my niece when she gets a little bigger!! :)

  2. Great tutorial and well explained. I made one for school :)

  3. Hi, Could you update your photos so we can see the steps. Thank you.

  4. Amazing design and instructions. Spot on and I appreciate the pics and tips at every step, especially clipping the tiny flowers to use the stem. Just finished one for my 7yo. Nice and long too! She is in love. Thank you!!