Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mountain Man Surprise

A girl I know accomplished an amazing feat—she put on a surprise themed Mountain Man party for her husband in her home! (I'm not talking about me.) She used cash and was able to hide the decorations and evidence of food preparations from him. Isn't that amazing!?

She borrowed a few animals for the walls, found animal figurines at the secondhand store, and purchased cheap plaid to create a fun backdrop for photos. I'm withholding some photos here (okay, I'll show one at the end)—but you can imagine some of the pictures we got after most of the group left.
She had lovely spread of party food available.
And around the room you could find mountain men photos like this.
Of course prizes HAD to be deer and moose droppings (peanut chocolate clusters).
Cornbread and soda in old fashioned bottles.

Chili was on the menu, with some trail mix and berries.

The chili was amazing! EVERYONE was commenting on the flavor. It was THAT good. Unfortunately the recipe is no longer available on her website.

Okay, okay…I'll show a little teaser of the photoshoot. I begged my hubby to put on my costume vest. This is what he did, and then I couldn't help it, I later added Dr. Pepper to the image. There are about a thousand great captions for that photo….

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